Buying car covers is easily the cheapest way to protect your car. With the dangers posed by dust, water, trees, and everything that surrounds your car, a bmw car covers could save you a lot of dollars for repairs and paint jobs.

What are the dangers of not covering your car?

  1. Changing weather conditions. May it be a rainy day, a summer day, or a day covered with snow, all these endanger the car’s paint job. Any weather poses as a threat to a car and it could make slight to brutal damages on the car. It also does not help that UV rays add up to the dangers along with the weather changes as UV rays creates permanent damage on the car’s paint. Not only that, it will increase the tendency for the car’s interiors to deteriorate as well.
  2. Dust. You may not mind them that much since they are so tiny and they can easily be removed with either wiping it off or washing the car but what you do not know is that dust particles have the tendency to stick into the car’s paint and cause nicks and scratches in the finish. Plus, once the humidity increases, especially during the summer, the dust particles could turn into grime ruining the car’s appearance.
  3. Condensation. Vehicles are highly susceptible to water damage. Without proper air circulation, condensation could form on the car’s surface and will seep into the existing scratches. The tiny blemishes could get worse and the vibrant paint could fade out. Breathable car covers prevent condensation from forming by allowing moisture to escape.
  4. Falling tree branches and garage clutter. Falling objects are generally dangerous. When it involves autos, anything from a dead bark, the edge of a ladder, or a stone could create a welt in the pristine finish of your car. Having a sturdy car cover could help eliminate this danger. A heavy- duty cover would serve as a cushion that will somehow lessen the blow of falling objects and other things that would come in contact with the car’s surface.

How does a car cover help against these dangers?

Car covers give a significant amount of protection for your car. Water-proof and weather- proof ones are extremely helpful in protecting it against rainwater, snow, and even the summer heat. There are also those that are made to be UV resistant that is essential in keeping a favorable temperature inside the car. Breathable ones eliminate condensation, and the soft yet sturdy ones protect the car from bumps and dents. The act of buying car covers may be simple and, to some, not a priority but knowing its importance in protecting your vehicle could prove otherwise. Choosing one type that best fit the kind of protection that your car needs is a big factor in maintaining its beauty. It also eliminates the need to spend too much in repairing damages that could have been prevented if only you have bought a reliable car cover for your vehicle.

Why Customized Car Covers Are Better

Whether you have additional attachments in your car that makes it hard to completely cover when parked outdoors, customizing the cover will easily solve the problem as the attachments will be included in considering the size and the final look of the cover. You never have to worry about replacing your side mirror with funky looking, irregularly shaped ones for that matter as you can customize the cover to have a mirror packet intended for your new set of mirrors. Why not have those pre-made covers? Pre-made covers have that one size fits all air to them which proves to be a little bit of a problem for some car owners. A perfectly fitted cover will bring out the best form of your car, highlighting its shape even though it is hidden under the covers.

Things to Consider When Buying Car Covers

So if you are out to find one for your car, you have to know some important factors that could create a big difference in meeting your car’s protection needs. 1. Price. A quality car cover does not come cheap. Most cheap ones do not have these elements thus they are held useless in terms of protecting the car. 2. Features. Others are coated with a layer to protect the car against Ultra Violet rays. Some are made to prevent moisture from building up and there those that are layered with paddings to protect against bumps. 3. Quality. Especially when parked outdoors, anything from people who pass by its sides, tree branches, bird poop, and even smokes coming from other vehicles are considered potential dangers. Considering these dangers, finding the best car covers by bearing in mind the factors in choosing a car cover could promote safety for your car. Being cautious with your purchase could help save you a lot of trouble from buying a new one just because the old one does not fit according to your needs. Make sure to consider the price, quality, features, and the fit of the cover for it to be useful.

 Some are even strong enough to damage the paint extensively. The unpredictable changes in the weather conditions also worsen the dangers. 2. UV proof. Ultra Violet rays are very harmful to both interior and exterior components of your car. The strong rays could permanently damage the paint finish plus mutilate the vinyl coatings. You no longer have to worry against these elements whenever you park your car outside of the house. 3. Sufficient padding. Outside the house, debris such as tree branches, stones, and other solid objects could produce the same damage. 4. Breathable material. A concern for any car that is parked indoors is the tendency for condensation to form especially when there is no proper air flow in the garage. It is therefore important to consider car covers that are made with breathable materials to let sufficient air to flow in between the fabric. 5. Good fit. An ill- fitted car cover forms into ugly pockets everywhere especially on the edges where water, dust, and even debris could collect. A perfectly fitted one, however, is easier to put on and take off, and will look tidier. Having the best covers could also help in preserving your car’s resale value. So if you want to save from repair costs and keeping your car looking at its best, provide ample thought of the things you should remember when you are going to buy a new car cover. 1. Woven or non- woven? The material used in car covers is generally categorized into two: woven and non- woven. They carry a lot of brands which makes it more confusing. Woven fabric is also typically breathable so it allows more airflow inside. A woven car cover therefore is better when you want to prevent moisture from building up on the car’s surface. Ready-made ones are not that bad at all. Although there might be differences on the size, the amount of protection it gives will all depend on the materials being used for the cover.

Car Covers Selection Guideline

It eliminates bird droppings and tree sap from staining the paint, it lessens the chance of having scratches, and it shields the car from the UV rays of the sun. However, not all car covers are the same. It is best to have both types as it will ensure maximum protection wherever you park you’re the car. 2. Vehicles that are to be stored indoors for a long time should be protected against dust, dirt, dings and dents. A heavy fabric, like flannel is perfect for this. The soft underside of the flannel is gentle enough for the car’s surface yet its thickness can provide the needed cushion. 3. Choose polyester and cotton car covers for water and sun protection. 5. Choose a customized car cover if you want the best protection for your car. A custom fit cover maybe a bit more expensive but it will give your car protection without hiding its beauty in the process. Durability should also be checked through the seams. The less seams I has, the more chance of having it wear better. 7. Price is only secondary when choosing the best car cover. You may not expect that some of he most durable covers are priced low compared to other types. You must always consider the durability, price, and the amount of protection it will give to your car. However you may see it, car covers are definitely one of the most important accessories for your car. Selecting one, therefore, is very crucial. Whether indoor or outdoor, it is significant that you keep the car covered so it will not have unnecessary damage caused by harsh elements like dust, snow, heat, and even pollution.

 That means you can use a high quality cover for $40 to $100 per year, depending on the product you choose. Does your car need protection from heavy rain fall or snow? All of these questions and more help determine the type of vehicle cover you need. By this I don’t mean the brand; I’m talking about the material. A quality cover can cost between $175 and $500, so you’ll need to check your facts to make sure you get the right one. In this case, choose a material that’s light enough to use inside and can tolerate moderate weather conditions when used outside. If your vehicle is really dirty it may start to look like someone scrubbed it with steel wool. Here’s a tip. Get a California Car Duster. I’ve had mine for over twenty years and it’s fantastic. I prefer the original version with the wooden handle, but it’s also available in plastic. The paraffin wax in the fibers of the duster work wonders, even on black cars. Make Sure You Put It On Correctly Nothing drives me nuts more than watching someone yank a cover off their car, wad it up into a ball, then toss it into the trunk or the back seat. Talk about a recipe for disaster. Let me explain. While you’re trying to figure that out you’re sliding it all over the car, potentially making more swirl marks and scratches. Here’s a better way. To remover your cover, always start at the front. Fold the front lip up towards the windshield in 12 to 18 inch laps. Once you get to the middle of the roof, do the same thing from the rear. Imagine the damage that can occur if you live in a dessert or beach area and sand gets between your car and a cover that’s whipping in the wind. Some products fit very snugly and have accessories to keep them in place in windy conditions. Be sure to read the instructions for proper use of the wind control devices and the wind conditions they can withstand. Keep It Clean It should be obvious with all that I have said that you need to keep your car cover clean. You might be wondering how to wash it. I do it another way. I literally wash it on the car itself. I hose the car down first, put it on and wash it with car wash shampoo. They are a wonderful way to help you take better car of your car, but only if you take care to use it properly. They are a wonderful way to help you take better car of your car, but only if you take care to use it properly.